Eighties Party Pics
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The cake. The logo of the two people is Lin and myself, from a poster used to advertise us when we had our band (orchid Adventure) the flower in the uppr right is an Orchid.
Lin got this made as a surprise for me!

Alex & Warren getting groovey

Irene gets jiggy!

My brother and mother with our old neigbours Carl and Pat.

Siromie (s'cuse spelling!) with Nathan and Stuart (my Kung Fu teacher!)

Tim & Jenny

Sid (Father in Law) with
Ian (Adam Ant - The Higwayman)

James (Jimmy Two Scoops) and Lee

Oh No Whats wrong with the DJ?

(My brother, centre) doing the Groove

Lez - Smoking a FAT ONE whilst playing FAT TOONZ

More Dancin' featuring Nick (Sid Vicious) Button and Diane (Toyah) Button

Smile Please!

Adam, meets... um.. Adam!

'We may regret this, but smile!'