Eighties Party Pics
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This is Kewl.. Check out the Smoke effect!

Matt Watson
THE TOTALLY RADICAL... Matt (Beastie Boy) Watson. complete with freshly swipped VW Logo!

Simon (Crocket) Wigg - Strikes a pose, hoping to find two bikini clad ladies to adorn his arms !

Diane (Toyah) Button


"I see what your upto!!!"

The Cake cutting bit

The Adam Ant Close-ups

Simon Wigg
Is that the Fashion Police in the corner?

" you can stop cutting when you see sawdust!"

Bran - the Cold/Flu leaves him little energy, so resorts to conform from 'wooly'

Bekki & Lin freinds for over 20 years!

Tim Trips the light fantastiic!

"Hello, is the wrist mike working?, come in Tubbs - Over!"

"I wish Icould go to bed"

So thats why I love her so much!

Nick & Diane Button
"it is a fancy dress party - yeah?"
Barbra Cartwright
Barbara making sure she gets the whole night on film

Jill (Madonna) Dawson

Ian (Highwayman) Dawson... Is that a musket in your pocket?

Danny still thinks there may be more flooding to come!

Matt finally finds a willing dance partner!
We can see your knees, Alex!
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