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"Cars", Gary Numan
Cars are the metephor for human isolation and the breakdown of interaction. As technology, materialism and information overload march ever forward, human interaction deteriorates as humans surround themselves with luxuries as a means of escapism.

"Dancing With Tears In My Eyes", Ultravox
A die-hard fan told me this song is about impending nuclear war. The bomb's about to drop so the guys headed home for one last waltz with his lover. Relevant lines include: ...we drink to forget the comming storm... and ....the man on the wireless cries again, It's over, it's over

Every Breath You Take", The Police
This IS SORT OF a love song BUT millions got it WRONG!!!! GOTCHA!!! It´s about a nearly-paranoic jealous and obsessed man who can't keep an eye off her woman. Sting said this on VH1: people come to him to tell him they married to this song; so he says to them .... GOOD LUCK!

Everything Counts", Depeche Mode
I read somewhere that this song was about the record deal or contract that the band signed at one point and it supposedly was a bad deal -- the words say: The handshake Seals the contract From the contract There's no turning back The turning point Of a career In Korea, being insincere The holiday Was fun packed The contract Still intact

"I Die: You Die", Gary Numan
Aimed at the paranoid Numan fans.'Hear them laugh, watch them turn on me/ And I die; You die' - they can be cruel about him publicly but they ARE fans and if he should die (God forbid!) they would to in a sense.

"Planet Earth", Duran Duran
Interviews with Duran Duran have stated that Planet Earth is actually about the constant threat of nuclear war which seems to go unnoticed.

"Sugar Walls", Sheena Easton
This Prince-penned 1985 charmer is a bold metaphor for vagina.

Sussudio", Phil Collins
Actually, I heard Phil in an interview say that the title came from a guy who worked at the recording studio who had a stutter or speech impediment, so he couldn't say the word studio correctly...it came out sussudio.

"Last Chance On The Stairway", Duran Duran
This song is apparently about a phenomenon known as L'esprit de l'escalier - c'mon, get those French dictionaries out, everyone. What that basically is, is the situation when you walk out of a room in which you were in some sort of tricky situation, and you're walking down the stairs, and you're suddenly hit

"Love plus 1", Haircut 100
Can you believe that this song is about the Falklands conflict of 1982? No, neither can I, but Nick Heyward says it is.

"Never Let Me Down Again", Depeche Mode
This song is really confusing. Sometimes it can get really confusing. If you listen to this song once, it sounds as if it is about flying (which seems to be the case) but on few more listens, the song seems to be about really deep friendship (note: best friend and line Never want to come down, never want to put my feet back down on the ground). It can also mean something about a friend who let Martin down, but I doubt it. Another person says that it is about homosexuals, but to my knowledge, none of the members are. Another interpretation is drugs, but the only member who is known to have taken drugs is Dave. In fact, I have no idea and perhaps only Martin will know.

"New Moon on Monday", Duran Duran
According to an interview with Duran Duran about this song, it's about being stuck at a party and then leaving, with only the cold night and the moon as your only friend as you walk home (or words to those effect). The popular meaning behind this song is that it's about revolution, which is of course because of the video, especially to American listeners who might not realize that lighting a torch could just as easily mean lighting a flashlight (the Brits call them torches). Of course the line from the song that means something to probably Duran Duran and no one else is the opening line, Shake up the picture the lizard mixture. All I can say is, at least it rhymes!

"Turning Japanese", The Vapors
This song was about masturbation, the term turning Japanese describing the act. The song is catchy as it is, but when you listen to the song with this knowledge, along with the fact that I want your doctor to take your picture so I can see the inside of you as well, you'd have to think the singer was looney.