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Baby On Board Signs
The little yellow sign that looked like a yellow warning sign. Soon hundreds of messages appeared. Somehow, these were supposed to make you drive safer around cars that had them, but most of the cars I saw with them drove even worse than the average driver.

Baton Twirling
The cooler the baton, the cooler you were... they could be filled with water and moving shapes, or tinsel and glitter!

Boom Boxes
The "ghetto blaster." The portable radio, with two speakers as a minimum, the heavier and the bigger, the better. Some even came with lead in them to make them seem like they were worth more.

BMX(bicycle motocross)

Garfield Car Window Ornaments
Remember these? They spawned hundred of lame knock offs. Basically there were suction cups attached to the bottom of the feet and he stuck on the window of your car. Cute at first, until everyone owned them.

World Wrestling Federation
Although it has made a comeback in recent years, nothing even compares with the classic years of the WWF, it was so big even my parents knew who Hulk Hogan was. When Demolition wore leather underpants and straps, they looked tough, now they wouldn't look out of place during the Sydney Mardi Gra. That's why the wrestling was sooooo good, big tough blokes making clowns of themselves.

Keyboards Played Like Guitars (on strap)
All those synth groups of the early eighties soon came to understand that watching a guy stand in front of a keyboard wasn't the height of excitement for anyone.

Laser Tag
The futuristic light game of the future today! Shoot at your friends with infrared light and sensors attached to your shirt. A less messy form of paint ball.

Men with Mascara
Thanks to Adam Ant, Duran Duran, and The Cure, you couldn't go into a dance club in the early '80s without seeing some guy with eyeliner and enough mousse in his hair to keep it in place until the '90s.

Rubik Cube
The toy that was a real pain in the butt to solve, unless you peeled the stickers or pulled it apart.

Skateboarding really hit a peek in popularity during the 80s, it seemed like everyone was doing it at one point.

Trivial Pursuit
The game that made people start memorizing useless crap in order to win. Probably one of the biggest crazes when it came out though.

Video Arcades
There are arcades now, but during the 80s, they were the *in* place to hangout.