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The African Anteater Ritual
From "Can't Buy Me Love"
Patrick Dempsey teaches the whole school how to do this dance. You step back then step forward, than do it again with the opposite foot, next, you hold your arms up at 90 degree angles and shake your entire torso.

The Animal House "Shout" Dance
There was a song from the Animal House soundtrack that was ALWAYS a hit at EVERY dance I went to as a teen in the 80's: "(You Make me Wanna) SHOUT". We would get into a big circle and when it would get to the lyric: "Let's get a little softer now..." we would dance lower and lower to the floor, until "Let's get louder now".

The Ant
Adam Ant often swung his arms (left then right) and bopped up and down to the beat at the same time.The Antmusic video demonstates best.

The Belinda
The dance is done by bending your arms at the elbows and moving them side to side while kind of snapping your fingers. Your lower body should be twisting slightly.

The Birdie Dance
Song is same as the dance

Break Dancing
The ultimate dance of the early 80s, Just like the "Twist" was in the early sixties. Basically, this deserves a page all by itself, since there are hundreds of moves that fall under this category.

The "Egyptian" dance
Performed during the The Bangles classic "Walk Like an Egyptian", basically the intent is to mimic walking like the old illustrations in Egyptian art, moving your head back and forth. It is done by walking with your head bobbing forward and backward while having one arm bent 90 degrees and facing backwards and the other arm bent 90 degrees and facing forward, both moving forward and back. Front arm bent upwards back arm bent downwards.

Loveshack Shimmy
You shimmy. You have your arms either up above your head or by your side, and you shake your entire body in a sort of ricky martin-hula-like fashion. It's on the B-52's loveshack video. "the whole shack shimmy!"

Micheal Jackson's claim to dancing fame, though it's a Fred Astair dance step. Leave one foot in place and drag the other back, lifting up the heal. Repeat with other foot while walking backwards.

The Pogo
Works with ska beat songs, bounce up and down to the beat.

The tensing of specific muscle areas to the beat of the music. First created in the late '70s in California, but more widely thought of as an '80s dance. Done to funk and electro-funk. Basic areas to pop are your arms, legs, chest and head.

This dance was done to the song by Salt & Peppa from which it derived it's name. Place your hands next to each other near your belly-button, positioned almost like you are going to loop your thumbs into the waistband of your favorite jordache jeans (but don't or this dance becomes country line dancing). Legs should be slightly bent, feet tounching each other. Then you do quick, little shuffling jumps back and forth keeping your feet touching.

The Robert Smith
Any Dance Robert Smith does is a jerky lethargic movement as you stare blankly ahead not making any eye contact. You must tug at your clothing, especially the shirt or the cuffs around your wrists. Best done to slow Gothic type music ... such as the Cure

Rock Lobster Dance
Rock Lobster, The B-52's. Another party dance where every goes nuts in a big circle then gets lower (all the way to the florr) while he's singing DOWN DOWN DOWN - then everyone did a "pop" jump up when the song started again (usually feet first, if you could)

The Time Warp
I don't if this was nationwide, but at my college in Massachusetts we did it at practically every big dance or dorm party. We were Rocky Horror freaks. Basically, you form a group and just follow the music: It's just a jump to the left, And then a step to the right. (touch toe to the right a couple times to the music) With you're hands on your hips, You bring your knees in tight. (without moving your feet, lock your knees together) But it's the pelvic thrust (move your hips back and forth to the beat of the above words) That really drives you insa-a-a-ane. (move your shoulders in a circle to the beat) Let's do the time-warp again....