May we thank all those who came and made the night so special, and especialy those who were mad enough
to get dressed and now have to suffer the pictures!.. and a big thank you to all those who gave us cards and pressies
and lastly thanks to Lez and Emma for playing our lovley scratchy vinyl !!!..

THANX - Carl & Linda

You are invited
to an eighties
themed party

Can you handle it?

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Saturday 16th February 2002 8pm - 12.30 am
The Regency (upstairs) East Parade, Harrogate
Linda and Carl
are celebrating
20 years together (married 11).


Since we met and started dating in the early eighties (1982), we thought it would
be great idea to revive those past years with an eighties theme anniversary party.

If you cannot remember those times, or you are not old enough to remember, this site has all you need to prepare yourself for a night of fun, laughter and probably embarassment !

So, we would like to invite you and your partner, either dressed in appropriate 80's style gear or not, to an eighties themed 'disco' night!


Anyone with sharp eyes may have noticed a slight similarity between this sites design and that of the MTV site - you are corect.
There is a reason and that is simply that MTV is yet another product of the eighties that both appeared and
had a profound effect on the pop culture of the time.